Partner for the future

ToornendPartners is a broadly-oriented consulting firm specialized in building, the integral construction process, of construction and of organizations. Our consultants are able to support and assist you on a wide range of building and organization matters that require a future-proof holistic looking approach.

Organisational advice

ToornendPartners’ rich experience in shaping and managing complex construction processes is equally applicable outside of the construction process. Ultimately, a building should serve an organization and its primary and secondary processes. It is after all not possible to advise on buildings and related assets without fully understanding the client and the end user.

Building Consultancy

A building is a calling card for an organization that should functionally support the efficiency of the work process of an organization. Running and maintenance costs should be as low as possible without harming functionality, future possibilities and sustainability. ToornendPartners has the knowledge, experience and creativity to support clients in all considerations regarding their building(s).

Project analysis

ToornendPartners can help bringing projects that have stalled or deviated from the project plan back on track. We are able analyse and fully understand projects and the processes within a project quickly and efficiently. We analyse the contracts, the project organization, the division of tasks and responsibilities, the relationship between the budget and the wishes and needs, and the allocation of project risks from an independent, fresh perspective. We then assess how the project organization is functioning, if the agreements made are achievable and whether or not they are observed. Based on our findings, a turn-around strategy is developed and implemented, steering a project back on track.


As far as we are concerned, sustainability is not a buzzword. Sustainability has been an integral part of ToornendPartners’ consulting work for a long time. In the definition phase, we help clients to find the right balance between investment costs and lifetime costs so that they can make effective investments in sustainability, maintenance and management as from the design phase.

ToornendPartners has developed the SusPro application in-house. This is a tool for analysing opportunities to make business models more sustainable. The Sustainable Development Goals (the UN SDGs), which were formulated and adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2015, served as starting points for the analysis. The result of the analysis is a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and the most effective measures. By evaluating sustainability performance and looking at the resulting value from a broader perspective, decisions can be made about the sustainability measures to be applied.