TAQA Theater de Vest


At the request of the municipality of Alkmaar, ToornendPartners ensured the follow-up of the EU public tender, the implementation and the turnkey delivery of the renovation of the current theatre technology in TAQA Theatre De Vest. As part of the contract, the existing control technology of the rigging system was replaced by the CAT V5 control system from Waagner Biro Luxembourg Stage Systems S.A. and the rigging system were optimized. Where possible, existing components were reused to perform this work. The work was completed on time and within the budget. Acceptance of the work took place in December 2018.

ToornendPartners also drafted the Long-term Maintenance Plan for TAQA Theatre De Vest and the Grote Kerk. In the maintenance plans, the forecast maintenance of both objects has been mapped out for a period of 40 years. These plans form the basis for the maintenance strategy to be applied, the implementation plans to be deployed and parties to be optionally contracted.