Stedelijk Museum Schiedam


Major maintenance will be carried out at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam in 2020 and 2021. After an extensive assessment of the actual state and functioning of the building in 2018, for which ToornendPartners gave a second opinion, it was concluded that the exterior of the building had deteriorated as a result of internal climate conditions. Moreover, the building does not comply with applicable safety legislation, nor with the museum standards in relation to climate and acoustics. To upgrade the museum to current standards and to eliminate all causes of deterioration of the exterior, major maintenance is planned, during which the entire interior, climate and electrical systems will be overhauled. As part of the maintenance work, two upgrades in relation to the visitor experience are being made, with regard to main stairwells and museum lighting. The work will start in December 2020 and end in August 2021. ToornendPartners ensures the internal project management on behalf of the Municipal Museum Schiedam and is involved in the design and construction process, where safeguarding the quality of the intended final result is paramount.