The large-scale renovation of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, as commissioned by the Dutch government as owner of the building, was completed in 2013. As part of the transfer of the renovated museum building to the museum organization, ToornendPartners examined how the organization could best assume the maintenance and management, and what this would imply for the organization. As the government intended to sell the national museum buildings to the, cultural institutions ToornendPartners also investigated the resulting consequences for the museum organization and which strategy would be most appropriate for the accommodation

In the follow-up assignment, ToornendPartners defined the Rijksmuseum’s vision on management and maintenance and submitted recommendations for implementation. ToornendPartners helped the Rijksmuseum prepare for the transfer of all management and maintenance tasks and responsibilities. Subsequently, ToornendPartners periodically conducts an audit to determine whether the organization is performing its tasks properly and which improvements would be possible and advisable After all this concerns a TOP-museum.