Netherlands Architecture Institute


The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) in Rotterdam is a platform, a museum, a library and a collection building all in one. The NAI reached a growing audience through education programs, manifestations and debates. In order to make the building suitable for this role, a renovation of the entrance area turned out to be necessary. The renovation not only created more space, but also better anchored the building in its environment.

As the earlier plans had not been executed, ToornendPartners, in collaboration with Jo Coenen and on behalf of the management of NAI, drew up a financially and technically feasible plan to fulfil all ambitions. The plan was developed in close collaboration with the construction team. Delivery took place according to schedule and within budget. The renewed NAi was opened in the autumn of 2010. Meanwhile the building houses Het Nieuwe Instituut, a merger of NAi with Premsela and Virtueel Platform.