Museum Het Valkhof


ToornendPartners was commissioned by Museum Het Valkhof to establish the Strategic brief. For a long time, the funds needed to keep the building – which opened in 1997- up to date, had been lacking. An extensive study was carried out into bottlenecks, such as the ambient climate of the museum. These studies made it possible to define the requirements that the building and the installations must meet. The museum’s vision for the future plays a crucial role: the building must be made sustainable and future-proof. ToornendPartners evaluated various scenarios and phases in detail. The Municipality of Nijmegen and the Province of Gelderland received favourably the Strategic brief in November 2019 and confirmed the necessary resources for its implementation. On behalf of the municipality of Nijmegen ToornendPartners is currently working on the next stage: the Design brief for the renovation according to the Master Plan.