Building management of cultural stages


Commissioned by Toneelschuur, Patronaat, Stadsschouwburg and Philharmonie, ToornendPartners developed a unique form of cooperation between the municipality (building owner) and the venues (management and programming). The municipality transfers tasks and responsibilities regarding maintenance and management to the venues, including the appropriate budget. The result is a higher quality of maintenance with fewer resources, obtained through increased efficiency thanks to a comprehensive approach and using the specific know-how and experience of venues with their special buildings. The outcome will help to mitigate the effects of austerity measures.

ToornendPartners developed and implemented a set of agreements together with the cultural venues and the municipality. The set of agreements consists of objective performance requirements for maintenance, adjustment of lease agreements and an efficient, transparent use of resources. ToornendPartners drew up the Plan of Approach for cooperation as well as a partnership agreement. A substantial efficiency advantage was immediately booked after consolidating and reviewing a number of major maintenance contracts.