De Kring


Commissioned by Theater De Kring in Roosendaal, ToornendPartners updated their existing Long-term Maintenance Plan (MJOP). The maintenance data appeared in various plans that different levels of detail, but no longer corresponded to the current situation. Based on an in-depth file review and on-site inspections, ToornendPartners created an integrated MJOP that included duties and responsibilities of both owner and tenant. Since the use of different spaces is generally found to be a determining factor for different finishes and / or maintenance cycles, a distinction was made in the MJOP between the various usage functions like catering, theatre halls, offices, etc. On the basis of the components defined in the MJOP, a demarcation for the allocation of the various maintenance costs was produced. The demarcation, combined with the data on the MJOP, was used for further strategy, policy and decision-making with regard to maintenance.