Project Management

The road to result

A successful project doesn’t just happen: it’s made. Project management is at the heart core of all services of ToornendPartners. We master not only the design and construction processes, but all interlinked areas of expertise required to develop a successful project for our clients.

We support our clients every step of the way and in every detail in order to achieve their desired end result.

Project Plan

When initiating a project, we always ask the questions: what, how? And who? The programme of requirements or brief answers the question what? Our Project Plan determines the best way to achieve the defined objectives, then what expertise is required and by whom.

ToornendPartners monitors, manages and guides your project in accordance with the plan and ensures that you, as a client, are enabled to make the right decisions on time based on correct and all relevant information.

Cost Management

Our clients do not wish to deal with financial matters. Cost control and monitoring are the key elements of our range of services. Our realistic estimates and transparent overviews enable early checks and adjustments.

To keep you well-informed, ToornendPartners has developed BudPro, an ingenious application for budget management.


A solid time schedule, in which all relevant aspects are reflected in an understandable way, puts the mind at rest amidst the many uncertainties that are standard in projects. ToornendPartners is able to identify all relevant activities, the right relationships between them and setting effective lead times. Determining and monitoring the critical path is key. With the experience needed to look ahead as far as possible, and in most cases, further than others, ToornendPartners is able identify and resolve possible issues before the project is affected.

ToornendPartners uses all available tools, also creating network plannings to coordinate and oversee complex projects.

Risk management

For us, risk management is an integral part of project management. It is important to remain critical at all times of all the developments in a project and foreseeing possible risks to the required end result. We have all requisite knowhow in order to identify, assess and control risks. With our own software application we offer custom fit risk analyses, also for existing projects, and act as an independent risk manager.

Contract management

ToornendPartners oversees all legal, technical and also financial aspects involved in contracts. Together with the client, we develop a dedicated contracting strategy in order to select the right partners and also drafting all the required agreements. Our strength is being able bringing all the parties involved together reaching feasible and fair agreements, also actively ensuring compliance of all parties with terms and conditions of the agreement.


Due to our extensive experience in tendering, we are a reliable partner for the development and implementation of procurement strategies from the first ideas up until to the award of contract. We master all relevant laws and regulations, in cases drawn from our network of legal experts, and possess the requisite underlying knowledge of what the contracts are to achieve in the overall context of a project. Setting the proper goals and ambitions for the qualities of those that need to be involved, is key to every successful project: without the right partners on board, no project can succeed.