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KvK: 34075253 (Chamber of Commerce)
Official company name: Toornend & Partners BV
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Privacy statement

This Privacy Statement applies to our websites, our services and applications addressed to ToornendPartners.

Website visitors

The websites of ToornendPartners do not have techniques to collect personal data. ToornendPartners does not send newsletters.

Clients and team members

ToornendPartners is aware of the trust that clients place in us. Consequently, we carefully handle sensitive information and personal data. ToornendPartners only processes personal data that are necessary to communicate with clients and (potential) team members about the execution of (potential) assignments and related topics. ToornendPartners treats all personal data confidentially and never shares them with third parties without the explicit consent of the person whose data are at stake, unless there is a legal obligation to do so.


ToornendPartners only processes your personal information provided by yourself. If your application does not lead to an employment, ToornendPartners will destroy your personal data within six months. If your application does lead to an employment, then ToornendPartners will request and process all your personal data that are required to meet the obligations of an employer.


Any person whose personal data have been processed by ToornendPartners has the right to view such data, to have it corrected and removed. ToornendPartners considers that provision of personal data, for example in an e-mail message or by means of a (digital) business card, is an implicit permission to process this information. Any party concerned has the right to revoke this consent, which means that ToornendPartners is obliged to delete the relevant data.
Any request regarding your own personal data can be sent to To prevent this request from being made by an unauthorized person, ToornendPartners can verify the request, for example by requesting a copy of the identity document on which special personal data are censored.

Any party concerned has the right to file a report with the Dutch Data Protection Authority if ToornendPartners acts in violation of the General Data Protection Regulation. Please address comments and questions about the Privacy Statement to

ToornendPartners reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement.


ToornendPartners pays special attention to the protection of personal data and sensitive information obtained or compiled during the execution of the assignment. Therefore ToornendPartners has taken all possible appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized changes to personal data and information. If a concerned party somehow suspects that personal data or information are not properly secured or that there is evidence of abuse, then the party is asked to report it in concrete terms to


ToornendPartners does not store personal data longer than necessary. ToornendPartners saves personal data of clients and team members for a maximum period of ten years after completion of the assignment in respect of liability periods.

Disclaimer and cookies


This disclaimer applies to the use of the websites of ToornendPartners.


Our websites only place functional cookies.


The content of our websites has been carefully compiled. Our websites are meant for informing visitors about the activities, know-how and experience of ToornendPartners. ToornendPartners is not liable if parts of these websites do not work properly or if information on these websites is incorrect, incomplete or outdated. However, any report to about incorrect, incomplete or outdated information is welcome. The information on our websites is not intended as a substitute for expert advice.

Visitors to our websites cannot derive any rights from the information provided on our websites. ToornendPartners is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of the websites and the information published thereon.


Our websites may contain links to websites of third parties over which ToornendPartners has no control. Therefore ToornendPartners cannot give any guarantee or accept any responsibility with regard to the proper functioning of those links, neither the correctness of the information published on the linked websites nor the processing of personal data and the placement of cookies by those websites.

It may be that so-called embedded content has been placed on our websites, such as a video. By loading this content, the website on which this content is located can post cookies. ToornendPartners has no influence on this process.


All texts and images on our websites are copyrighted and are the intellectual property of ToornendPartners, unless stated otherwise; for example with a name entry of the person upon whom the relevant right is resting. Without the express written consent of ToornendPartners it is not permitted to copy, neither to provide a copy of the content of our websites, in whole or in part, nor in any way make available to a third party.

Anyone who believes to have the copyright or intellectual property of an image or text published on our websites can contact ToornendPartners may then adjust or remove the relevant image or text in consultation with the copyright holder or include a source reference.