Tailor-made advice

Special buildings command special attention. Each project is unique. This is often said but not always recognized for what this actually means and entails. We offer expert, tailor-made advice bringing all our knowledge of building technologies and the construction processes to the table. We are a trusted and reliable partner offering our clients a full range of services, matching the diversity of our projects. These range from new build project, transformations, renovations restorations to extensions.

Museums buildings and techniques

Museums buildings require a specific and specialist approach. An approach that is necessarily closely linked to the collections and the mission of the institution. For every museum project defining the specific characteristics of the institution and translating these to requirements for the building and the building installations to meet, is a challenging puzzle that we love to solve: within the means, of course.

The Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen depot building in Rotterdam that has recently opened to great acclaim is a prime example. In a careful and considerate process a completely new concept for museum storage was developed with the museum organisation. A concept that is completely tuned to the innovative vision and mission of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Drawn to the specific challenges of museum projects, ToornendPartners invests in continual development of knowledge and expertise to meet our clients’ demands for expert guidance and advice. Our expertise covers all project stages , from feasibility studies to management and/or maintenance strategies. ToornendPartners is an active participant in and also partner to international museum networks such as ICOM and ICAMT and other relevant organisations such as ICOMOS.

Theatres and theatre technology

Theatres and concert halls are highly specific buildings that rely on specific, high-quality technologies and are fully dedicated to the performance on stage, but are mostly invisible to the public. The technology but also the complex production and logistical processes are literally behind the scenes.

We combine 50 years of experience in project management with 20 years of manufacturer independent expertise in theatre technology. A unique combination gained through the Dutch wave of mechanization projects that has been integral part of the ToornendPartners services since 1998. Besides specific technologies, the integral consultancy practice of ToornendPartners is extends to detailed dedicated long-term maintenance plans for theatre buildings and all installations en techniques within.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies need to able distinguish a promising plan from a pie in the sky at the earliest stage possible. Grounded in thorough analyses made possible by the wide range of expertise of ToornendPartners creative insights are given into all related matters. Our starting point is an open mind and our aim is to make a dream or a vision that may seem impossible, possible. Out-of-the-box creative thinking is required to identify opportunities and positives. The right mind se combined with our expertise, oftentimes makes more possible than even our clients dared to dream of.

A Good Brief

Our design briefs are not dry overviews of spatial and technical requirements. These contents are of course needed, but a brief needs to communicate all the ambitions and goals for a project that our client has. It also needs to give insights into and understanding of the client and his organisation, vision and overall mission. This allows the design team to fully place all requirements in the right context. The ToornendPartners methodology for a good brief, allows for systematic checking and double checking whether requirements are actually being met in design documents. Besides being a solid touchstone for reviewing design team output, it also communicates clearly when which requirements can actually be tested and which goals to set for the next project stage.

Reviews and Due Diligence Reports

In projects the end result is always reached step by step. Staying within preset project parameters, warrants successful completion of the project. Aided by a (periodical) review of obtained results, the course of the process can be adjusted and controlled. ToornendPartners provides a wide range of review types, including progress and product assessments. Frequent focus points of reviews are quality aspects, time planning and cost projections.

Maintenance planning

Every asset requires maintenance to maintain its proper working condition and value. Long and short term maintenance plans are the requisite tools for insight into necessary works and related expenditure, enabling management to plan the works and acquire and allocate required means. ToornendPartners offers a comprehensive range of services regarding maintenance planning, costing and also contracting, setting the requirements for the maintenance condition in accordance with relevant standards, best practices and of course many years of experience.