About us


ToornendPartners is an independent consultancy and project management office with 50 years of experience in construction and real estate projects.

ToornendPartners is best characterized by informal and close collaboration, an open exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience and a positive but critical attitude both within the office and in project.

We offer clients independent advice strictly aimed at serving their needs. The company is completely, privately held by our team of partners, all working within the company and shaping the quality of our work on a daily basis. There are no alliances or links with other companies and/or financiers.

The partners are:
Ms. K. Lian The MSc Arch LL.M., managing partner/senior project manager and consultant
Mr. Rob A.W. van Gemert MSc Arch., managing partner/senior project manager and consultant

Pioneering in Project Management

ToornendPartners was founded in 1971. ToornendPartners is amongst a handful of pioneers in the field of the project based work approach in (re)construction projects in The Netherlands, and are still working on the widest possible range of projects, diverse in typology, scale and complexity. It started as an office of engineers working as consultants and project managers for clients. Our work field spans (building) project management, project strategy development, planning, urban development planning, feasibility studies, theater consultancy, museum consultancy, procurement and tendering procedures, contract management, real estate strategy development and valuation, owner representation and consultancy.


The internal quality system of ToornendPartners is based on NEN-EN-ISO 9001. The purpose of quality assurance is the continual active management of the internal quality standard for our services. The focus is on the development and maintenance of the required knowledge and experience of our employees, in order to be of the best service to our clients and to offer demonstrable added value. Continuously providing high-quality work for these clients, being accessible and involved, and always putting their interests centre stage generates an appreciation that results in follow-up orders and recommendations. In addition to the desire to satisfy our clients, our own professional need to be satisfied about advice given and services provided is a key driver for us.


ToornendPartners attaches great value to a sustainable future for our planet. We are registered as a partner of the Dutch Green Building Council and Rob van Gemert is registered as a BREEAM Expert in use. ToornendPartners promotes sustainability in consultancy work and encourages clients to make and use their buildings more sustainable.

Social involvement

ToornendPartners endorses the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Knowledge transfer and sharing is one of the spearheads of CSR. Our employees receive in-house training. ToornendPartners offers traineeships, research and student placements as well, also for the supporting business processes. Other forms of knowledge transfer include a guest lectureship at the Reinwardt Academy, lectures and workshops.

More and more frequently we put in our knowledge and time free of charge to support cultural and social organizations. Further support is given in the form of sponsorship, advertising contributions and corporate memberships in the Netherlands and abroad. Approximately 5% of our annual revenue is used in this way.


ToornendPartners is a consultancy and construction management office for construction and buildings. ToornendPartners presents itself as a sustainable partner who works with passion for its clients so as to make their cultural buildings future-proof and in doing so to preserve our heritage, art and culture for current and future generations.
The core values of ToornendPartners are:

  • Dedication and commitment
  • Independence and integrity
  • The interest of the client
  • Be and remain consciously competent
  • Critical Interest


Culture and heritage define who we are. That is why ToornendPartners works with passion for their sustainable preservation. ToornendPartners is committed to being the best possible professional partner in a sustainable relationship by providing advice on complex housing issues and supervising (construction) projects. ToornendPartners guides the client towards achieving concrete results, which ultimately enables the client to fulfill his own role optimally.

The specific objective is as follows:
Each year we want to provide and implement sustainability advice for four cultural buildings. Likewise, we want to continue to evaluate and improve regularly and in the long-term at least 75% of all advices implemented.