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ToornendPartners is an independent consultancy and project management office with more than 45 years of experience in construction and real estate projects. Our work field spans (building) project management, project strategy development, planning, urban development planning, feasibility studies, theater consultancy, museum consultancy, procurement and tendering procedures, contract management, real estate strategy development and valuation, owner representation and consultancy


ToornendPartners is best characterized by informal and close collaboration, an open exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience and a positive but critical attitude both within the office and in project. 


We offer clients independent advice strictly aimed at serving their needs. The company is completely, privately held by our team of partners, all working within the company and shaping the quality of our work on a daily basis. There are no alliances or links with other companies and/or financiers.  


The partners are:
Mr. Jean A.M.J. Hilgersom MSc Arch., managing partner/senior project manager and consultant
Ms. K. Lian The MSc Arch LL.M., managing partner/senior project manager and consultant
Mr. Rob A.W. van Gemert MSc Arch., senior project manager and consultant